Clinical Engineering Department (CED)

CED is mandated to ensure the availability of effective and efficient managerial and technical support as well as availability and maximum utilization of all health care equipment at all levels of health care delivery within the Service.  

The Department applies engineering and managerial skills to healthcare environment in supporting and advancing patient / client care.  It ensures that: 

  • Healthcare equipment are prudently managed to minimize wastage
  • Healthcare equipment are acquired to address specific needs of the Service
  • Healthcare equipment are available and maximally utilized in all institutions within the Service
  • There is effective and efficient technical support for all available equipment
  • Breakdown of health care equipment, especially certain critical equipment are minimised
  • There is an effective and efficient replacement programme for health care equipment
  • There is efficient mechanism for decommissioning and disposal of non-functional/ unserviceable/ obsolete equipment
  • There is availability of management information systems for healthcare equipment at various decision-making levels  

The Department has the following two units:

Technical Services Unit

The Unit coordinates and provides technical assistant for managing and maintaining specialized medical equipment in the Service.

Technology Management Unit

The mandate of the Unit is to plan and develop systems for the advancement of Clinical Engineering within the GHS. The responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of equipment inventory
  • Keeping records on equipment maintenance
  • Planning and acquisition of equipment for replacement programs
  • Planning and acquisition of equipment for expansion/upgrading of services.
  • Ensuring effective usage of all equipment acquired by the GHS