Clinical Health Department Bono East Region

The Department coordinates planning and efficient management of delivery of clinical services in the Region. It has the following Units:

Nursing and Midwifery Services Unit

The Unit has the mandate of coordinating all Nursing and Midwifery activities in the region for improved quality of care. The Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer is the Head of the Unit.

Pharmaceutical Services Unit

The Pharmaceutical Services unit has a core mandate of ensuring the provision of good pharmaceutical services to all clients in the region. The Unit also works with other agencies such as the Pharmacy Council to regulate and ensure good standards are met and kept in the practice of the pharmacy profession in the region.

National Health Insurance (NHIS) Desk

The NHIS Desk coordinates National Health Insurance related issues pertaining to GHS facilities at the regional level.

Biomedical Science/Medical Laboratory Unit

The Unit has a mandate of ensuring effective coordination of all laboratory services in the region for improved quality of care. The Unit is involved in providing services in support of clinical care, public health and research. It provides services in microbiology, hematology and clinical chemistry.

Mental Health Unit

The Mental Health Unit is responsible for all mental health activities and its policy implementation at the regional level under the supervision of the Office of the Deputy Director of Clinical Care. It coordinates activities of Registered Mental Health Nurses, Technical Officers (Community Mental Health), Clinical Psychologists and other cadre of human resource in the area of mental health in the region. The Unit is headed by Regional Mental Health Coordinator.