Clinical Information and Monitoring Department

The Vision of the department is to promote the use of clinical data at all levels of service delivery.


The department is responsible for;

Development implementation and maintenance of effective clinical information management system for decision making in the GHS and its key stakeholders.

The mandate of the CIMD requires it to make the information it produces accessible and readily available to the management of the ICD, other GHS Divisions, and key stakeholders in the health sector to support effective policy formulation, strategic planning, and decision making. The information produced by the department can also be used for performance review, target setting and benchmarking.

  • Developing a robust system for monitoring, collection ,analysis and communication of clinical services information
  • Conducting operational research on health conditions, situations and institutions.

Functional Responsibilities

The Clinical Information and Database Department will be responsible for the development and implementation of an effective clinical information management system. It will monitor, collect and analyze clinical services information and make this information available to management, other divisions and stakeholders for effective decision making. For purposes of its work, it shall liaise with HRD Division to provide the appropriate and continuing skills to all biostatisticians in this regard