Departments / BMCs Western Region

The EMD is responsible for health infrastructure planning, development, management and maintenance in GHS. In addition, it provides services to Mission and Quasi Government Hospitals, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, District Assemblies and other stakeholders in the health sector, usually on request. It also assists the MOH technically in the planning, development and implementation of health projects.

The Department has the following five Units:

i.  Project Management and Planning Unit (PMPU)

The Unit is responsible for health infrastructure planning, development and implementation for the GHS. PMPU also provides some technical support to other health providers such as teaching hospitals, quasi-government hospitals, mission hospitals and those non-governmental organizations that may require technical information and advice on health infrastructure development.

ii. Health Estates Geographical Information System Unit

The Unit is responsible for:

  • Maintaining comprehensive health infrastructure data management system on all health facilities in Ghana for strategic health facility planning, monitoring and management.
  • Collating and compiling GHS data in collaboration with other data users within the GHS
  • Interfacing and mapping of synchronized data
  • Updating of data on health facilities in all regions

iii. Building MaintenanceUnit

This Unit is responsible for promoting good building maintenance culture in GHS.

iv. Land and Property Management Unit

The Unit is responsible of coordinating and provision of technical support for management of landed property of GHS. 

v. Administration Unit

The Unit coordinates the activities of EMD. It organizes and directs activities within the Department and manages the organizations relationship with stakeholders.