Family Health Division (FHD)

The FHD was established in May 2008 at the Ghana Health Service. The division was carved out of the Public Health Division and it focuses on strengthening programme implementation, coordination and resource mobilization at the headquarters level as well as supporting the regions, districts and relevant sectors effectively in promoting the health and nutrition status particularly in children, adolescents and mothers. 

The mandate of the Division includes translating maternal, child and adolescent health and nutrition policies for implementation, monitoring the implementation of these policies and strategies, resource mobilization, ensuring timely implementation of activities and providing strategic information to inform policy formulations. The Division also provides technical support to regions and sub-regional levels where actual implementation is undertaken.

The vision of the Division is to have healthy adults and children for national development. The mission is to contribute to the improvement in the health and quality of life of persons of reproductive age and beyond as well as children by:

(i) providing high quality reproductive, child health and nutrition services and

(ii) optimal health and nutrition promotion through well informed, highly skilled and motivated staff.

The Division is headed by a Director and has the following two Departments under it.

  1. Reproductive And Child Health Department
  2. Nutrition Department

Each of the Department is headed by a Deputy Director who reports directly to the Divisional Director.

Function of The Family Health Division

  • Ensuring the development of comprehensive health policies, sustainable strategic plans, programmes and budgets to cover programmed activities of the Ghana Health Service in the areas of Reproductive and Child Health, Nutrition and Geriatrics at all levels
  • Undertaking periodic review of programme implementation and activities of the division in collaboration with its stakeholders and partners in the area of public health with emphasis on Reproductive and Child Health, Nutrition and Geriatrics
  • Catering for the design and application of supportive supervision, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation for purposes of assessing and improving the operational effectiveness of the Ghana Health Service’s interventions as it pertains to the mandate of the division
  • Advocating for support and funding for programmes in the areas of Reproductive and Child Health, Nutrition, Geriatrics and other related fields aimed at promoting and maintaining healthy pregnancies and deliveries and the optimal growth and development of children from birth to 18 years.
Dr. Marion Okoh-Owusu (MD. PhD)

Dr. Marion Okoh-Owusu (MD. PhD)

Director Family Health Division