Financial Reporting and Analysis Department

The Financial Reporting and Analysis Department assists the GHS to account for financial resources made available to the Service by stakeholders. As such the Department is primarily responsible for producing the financial statements of corporate GHS on a quarterly and annual basis. 

The functions of the Department include:

  • Coordinating and supervising quarterly financial data validation in all the regions.
  • Generating quarterly and annual consolidated financial reports for GHS.
  • Developing financial reporting and other financial management tools for Management to enhance internal controls.
  • Implementing internal controls on sound financial reporting.
  • Coordinating financial reporting activities of National Programs and sub-national Budget Management Centres (BMCs) and National offsite offices including Research Division, Public Health and Central Mechanical Workshop to ensure compliance, reliability and quality.
  • Coordinating audits of the financial statements of the GHS.
  • Conducting reviews and analysing financial reports and following-up on identified issues.
  • Stimulating operational research based on findings from work.
  • Providing support to users of financial software in the Service (Sage users at HQ and the RHDs, and E-tool users in GHS BMCs across the country)
  • Liaising with the Ministry of Health on financial reporting issues
  • Providing financial reporting updates to management
  • Coordinating financial management assessments (FMA) of the Service.
  • Conducting supportive supervision and monitoring visits to the regions and Budget Management Centres (BMCs).
  • Conducting training for finance and non-finance staff