Financial Information Systems Management (FISM) Department

The Financial Information Systems Managemant (FISM) Department is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of all accounting software and other electronic financial management systems as well as ensuring the implementation of management accounting systems designed for the Service.

The functions of the Department include:

  • Collaborate with the ICT department to ensure the effective functioning of electronic financial management software and platforms.
  • Coordination of effective utilization of financial system software introduced by Government
  • Review operational cost build up with the view to designing cost reduction techniques for adoption and implementation by management
  • Develop and promote mechanisms to support and monitor the Financial Performance
  • Liaise with PPME and other Divisions to correlate clinical and financial data.
  • Develop and review management accounting indicators.
  • Preparation of GHS Management accounting report for decision making
  • Stimulate operational research based on findings from work. 
  • Conducting supportive supervision and monitoring visits to the regions and Budget Management Centres (BMCs).
  • Conducting training for finance and non-finance staff.
  • Other duties assigned by the Director of Finance