Functions of (PPMED)

  • Collaborating and coordinating the development of operational plans and policies at all levels in GHS;
  • Developing indicators for monitoring policy implementation and for assessing equity and efficiency in the distribution of resources;
  • Reviewing and developing health financing strategies;
  • Translating operational policies and objectives into proposals for resource allocation.
  • Identifying needs in relation to the development of management and support systems throughout the Ghana Health Service and provide support for system development;
  • Co-ordinating and conducting research into health issues.
  • Promoting the appropriate use of research findings for planning;
  • Preparing and updating guidelines for planning at all levels of the GHS;
  • Coordinating the preparation of short, medium- and long-term plans and synthesizing these plans into an integrated Ghana Health Service development plan.

Developing medium- and long-term health sector financial plans consistent with existing Government policy;

  • Analyzing trends in the allocation and disbursement of funds within the Ghana Health Service;
  • Directing the development of unit costing for Ghana Health Service programmes and services;
  • Ensuring the setting up of a health and management information system for planning, monitoring and evaluation in the GHS;
  • Monitoring the implementation of health policies within the GHS, the utilization of health resources, and the attainment of targets coverage, utilization of services and health status;
  • Coordinating the publication of documents relating to Ghana Health Service activities (annual reports) and other periodic reports and properly document and ensure that relevant information is disseminated;
  • Ensuring that current and prospective donors to the sector have access to adequate information about the policies of the Ghana Health Service and its priority needs;
  • Ensuring the development and review of proposals for external funding for the Ghana Health Service;
  • Developing systems for the monitoring and evaluation of externally funded programmes and projects which are consistent with the Ghana Health Service’s own framework for monitoring and evaluation