Funtions of (PHD)

  • Providing leadership and coordinating public health activities within GHS.
  • Formulating public health policies within the framework of approved national health policies.
  • Designing and managing health surveillance, disease prevention and control, occupational and environmental health and other relevant public health programmes;
  • Developing and disseminating public health strategic plans, protocols, standards and guidelines.
  • Providing technical support in health surveillance, investigations and containment of disease outbreaks, epidemics and risks to health.
  • Ensuring inter-sectoral partnerships to improve health and reduce inequalities
  • Monitoring and evaluating public health interventions and programmes
  • Accelerating the scaling up of essential public health interventions: ITN/IPT-P. DOTS, PMTCT/CT/ARVT, EPI, public education on prevention of risks factors of NCDs, MDAs using CDTI, IDSR etc
  • Provision of technical support for the Regional Public Health Reference Laboratories
  • Development of early warning systems and the management of  epidemics