General Administration Department

The mandate of the Department is to coordinate and ensure provision and management of general administrative services to support the main functions of GHS.

The Functions of the Department include:

  • The development and consistent introduction of contemporary administrative systems in collaboration with other Divisions and the Regions to enhance institutional efficiency and cost efficiency in the Ghana Health Service
  • The development and maintenance of an efficient records management system in collaboration with other Divisions to support service delivery in the GHS
  • The development and maintenance of a modern and efficient security system for the GHS
  • Providing technical advice and support in the area of administrative and management services to regional and district health administrations and facilities.
  • Establishment and review of administrative procedures as and when necessary
  • Providing in collaboration with the HRD, continuous education for administrative staff country-wide
  • Coordination of general housekeeping and security of assets and premises at GHS headquarters
  • Contributing to the development and dissemination of health sector policies and programmes
  • Management of office of Director Health Administration and Support Services

The General Administration Department comprises the following four Units:

Health Administration and Management Unit

The Unit provides support in directing and coordinating activities within the General Administration department and HASS in general.

Records and Archives Unit

The Unit is responsible for management of a central registry for GHS Headquarters and provision of guidelines on registry practices and procedures including filing systems, storage and retrieval of letters, file tracking, dispatch and receipts of letters in the GHS.

Headquarters Facility Maintenance and Operations

The Unit is responsible for provision of technical support on estate services including development, maintenance and keeping of estate database, assets register and inventory at GHS headquarters. It is also responsible for planning and implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance at GHS headquarters.

Security Unit

The Unit is responsible for coordination of security services at GHS headquarters