Health Administration and Support Services Division (HASS)

The Health Administration & support Services (HASS) Division plays key role in GHS by providing support in the areas of health infrastructure, transport, equipment and general administration. These areas are critical in providing the enabling environment and transforming the overall context in which health staff deliver their work, enhance their motivation and consequently improve the overall performance of the health sector.

The Division is mandated to ensure:

  • Coordination of information and provision of support and guidance for the design of policies and strategies in collaboration with other Divisions for the prudent development of health infrastructure (estate, transport & equipment) consistent with service delivery priorities.

  • Initiation, facilitation of award and monitoring of the implementation of contracts for transport, equipment, general services and infrastructure provision.

  • Provision of general administrative and support services for the effective and efficient delivery of functions of the Service

The Division is headed by a Director and has four Departments under it. Each of the Department is headed by a Deputy Director who reports directly to the Divisional Director.

The Departments are:

  • Transport Management Department (TMD)
  • Clinical Engineering Department (CED)
  • Estate Management Department (EMD)
  • General Administration Department

Functions of Health Administration And Support Services

  • Initiating and implementing administrative improvement schemes and cost-reduction programmes in GHS;
  • Establishing, and ensuring adherence to, the general administrative procedures for GHS at the all levels.
  • Determining appropriate levels, specification, procurement and replacement of equipment and transport consistent with national policy and GHS requirements;
  • Monitoring and supervising all building and construction projects meant for the GHS to ensure value for money;
  • Preparing and periodically updating infrastructure and equipment situations and specifications for the GHS in collaboration with the PPME Division; 
  • Pursuing the development and implementation of adequate proficiency programmes to improve the recruitment and competence of staff in the Administrative and security support, estates, transport and clinical engineering in the GHS in collaboration with the HRD Directorate;
  • Ensuring the proper acquisition and taking custody of the documentation of all estates and chattels of the GHS once these have been acquired;
  • Developing procedures for undertaking planned and routine maintenance by all levels;
  • Providing administrative liaison services between headquarters and the regional levels of the Service;
  • Providing technical guidance for efficient registry practices of the administrative units of the various Directorates