Research and Health Policy Department

The Department of Research and Health Policy is responsible for:

  • Shaping research agenda and disseminate valuable knowledge or evidence-based health promotion
  • Articulating ethical and evidence-based policy options
  • Conducting research and disseminating its findings
  •  Strategically putting health and wellbeing on the agenda of health and non-health sectors, that is, in pursuit of healthy public policy, government sectors concerned with agriculture, trade, education, industry, and communications need to take into account health as an essential factor in policy formulating
  • Leading in monitoring and evaluation of all health promotion projects or interventions
  • Tackling inequalities and inequities
  • Carrying out health impact to determine the likely consequences of policies, programmes and projects. To collaborate actively with the Environmental Protection Agency to carry out such health impacts assessments.
  • Creating supportive environment to enable people to lead healthy lives
  • Developing proposals for funding as part of the resource mobilisation strategy of the division
  • Leading in capacity building
  • Research and Healthy Policy Department consists of two main units namely:  Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and Health in All Policy Unit