Human Resource Planning and Monitoring

Mandate Of Human Resources Planning And Monitoring Department

The core mandate of the HR Planning and Monitoring Department is to spearhead in human resource needs and capacity assessment, norms and availability monitoring, attrition and relocation monitoring, mapping, impact evaluation, information and data base management.

In pursuit of this aim, the Department undertakes the following activities;

  • Develop Staffing norms to guide postings and transfers.
  • Initiate HR planning policies procedures and guidelines.
  • Supervise HR information system.
  • Manage manpower ceilings and control of staff costs.
  • Supervise production of manpower plans and projections.
  • Monitor and evaluate Human
  • Resource Planning programmes.

To enhance effective organization and coordination of its activities, the Department has three (3) functional units namely;

  • HR Planning & Budgeting
  • HR Monitoring & Research
  • Payroll and Database Management

Each of these units is assigned a Unit Head under the direction and oversight of the Deputy Director, HR Planning and Monitoring who is also accountable to the Director, HRDD.