Launch of the Ghana HHFA Results

Health facility assessment is often used to generate information on service availability, readiness and quality of care. Ghana has conducted three landmark assessments of its primary health care system (Vital signs profile assessment, CHPS verification survey (2018) and the 2020 EmONC survey). The data from these surveys provide valuable information on the status of health facilities in the country. However, these assessments were not comprehensive enough (in terms of coverage and content) to inform the ongoing innovations in healthcare delivery such as the Networks of Practice

A comprehensive service availability and readiness survey of all levels of health delivery in the country helps to determine the status of health facilities and identify gaps in service availability and readiness in the country.

Ghana has successfully completed the pre and post-data collection activities for the WHO Harmonised Health Facility Assessment (HHFA) including survey planning and preparation, data collection, data cleaning, analysis and interpretation workshops with programmes. Additionally, some regional-specific interpretation workshops have been organised for a more in-depth regional analysis of the HHFA results.

The Harmonized Health Facility Assessment provides an approach for conducting a comprehensive assessment of health service availability, readiness and quality of the service provided. The HHFA is a comprehensive, standardised health facility survey that provides reliable, objective information on the availability of health services and the capacities of facilities to deliver the services at the required standards of quality. It builds upon the Service Availability and Readiness Assessment (SARA) and incorporates components of other key global health facility surveys and indicators. 

The HHFA also aligns with the country’s policy direction towards implementing the Network of Practice (NoP), a strategy in Ghana’s Health Sector Medium Term Development Plan (HSMTDP 2022 -2025) policy document towards achieving the UHC.

The overall goal of conducting the Ghana HHFA is to generate comprehensive facility-based information on the availability, readiness, and quality of health services in Ghana. The specific objectives of the G-HHFA are to:

  1. Assess the status of health facilities in Ghana in terms of human resources, infrastructure, and capacity to provide health services.
  2. Assess the type, quantity and quality of health services provided to the population.
  3. Provide data for monitoring and measuring changes in health service readiness and availability.
  4. Provide external validation for self-reported information on service delivery, quality of care and system functioning through the routine system.
  5. Generate evidence to feed into Ghana’s annual planning to guide resource allocation.

The HHFA data will support health sector reviews, planning and policymaking, and enable evidence-based decision-making for strengthening Ghana’s health service delivery systems.

The official launch of the Ghana HHFA results will be held on Monday, 2nd October 2023 at 9:30am prompt at the Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra