National Buruli Ulcer Control and Yaws Eradication Programme

Buruli ulcer still remains one of the devastating skin diseases affecting many lives in Ghana. There has been a shift in the fight against NTDs from focusing on specific diseases to meeting the health needs of the poor communities they afflict. The current targets as spelt out in the World Health Organization’s NTDs roadmap are the eradication of endemic yaws along with the elimination of most of the other NTDs and/or reduction of their impact to levels at which they are no longer public health problems.

The goal of the National Buruli Ulcer Control and Yaws Eradication Program is to control and eradicate buruli ulcer and yaws in Ghana. The functions include:

  • Early detection and standardized case management, reporting and surveillance.
  • Advocacy for Buruli ulcer in the context of neglected tropical diseases.
  • Research interventions
  • Monitoring, supervision and technical support
  • Collaboration and Advocacy programme
  • Resource mobilization for the treatment and management of buruli Ulcer and Yaws diseases.