Profile- North East Region

North East Region was created on 12th February, 2019 by the Constitutional Instrument 116. The region was carved out of the north eastern part of Northern Region. It shares boundaries with the Upper East to the North, Northern to the south, the Republic of Togo to the East and Upper West and Savannah Regions to the West. It is made up of six (6) administrative districts: The East and West Mamprusi Municipalities, Mamprugu-Moagduri, Nakpanduri-Bunkpurugu, Yunyoo-Nasuan and Chereponi Districts. 

The Region is one of the poorest regions in Ghana. Majority of the people (71.2%) in the region are engaged in agriculture while 5.7% are in the professional/administrative class and 23.1% are in the trade and services Sector.  The crops produced in the region include yam, millet, guinea corn, rice, groundnuts, beans, soya beans and cowpea.

The region has a total estimated population of 605875 with more females than males, (Females population 308996 and males 296879). The West Mamprusi Municipality is the most populous district in the region, with a projected population of 157808 representing 26.04% of the region’s population.