Organization of GHS

There are three ways in which the Service is organized:

  • Administrative levels
  • Functional Levels
  • Levels of Care (Service delivery)

Administratively, the Service is organized at three levels:

National level:

The National level analyses and translates policies for implementation, tracks policy implementation, provides support and supervision for regions and districts through mobilizing resources, ensuring timely disbursements and monitoring initiatives, standards, procedures and level of integration, evaluation and quality control, training and management development, promoting intersectoral collaboration and promoting private sector involvement in health service delivery etc.

Regional level:

The Regional level provides supervisory, management and technical supports to the districts and sub-districts within each region.

District level:

The district level provides quality service delivery within the context of comprehensive and integrated district health planning, including the use of appropriate tools to assess performance

  • Functional Levels
  • National
  • Regional
  • District
  • Sub-district
  • Community

Levels of Care (Service Delivery)

Primary and secondary health care under GHS are delivered through a hierarchy of hospitals, health centres, maternity homes and clinics including a Community Health Planning and Services (CHPS) strategy. Principally, there are four main levels of care made up of the following: CHPS Zones, Health Centres/Polyclinics, District Hospitals and Regional Hospitals.