Profile- Western Region

The Western Region is situated in the south-western part of Ghana. It shares borders with La Cote d’lvoire on the West, the Central Region on the East, Western North Region to the North, and the Gulf of Guinea in the South. It has an area of 14,447 sq. km. with a coastline of 192km.

Basically, agricultural producing region with about 60% engaged in subsistence farming. The region is endowed with natural resources such as gold and timber that provides employment avenue for young “galamsey” boys. ‘Black Gold’ – Crude Oil has been discovered in Cape Three Points.

The region has a harbour that serves as a major export port and a transit point for some countries in the sub-region. It also forms part of the Trans-ECOWAS highway and therefore hosts long distant truck drivers from these countries. The Ghana Refugee Board and the UNHCR has a refugee camp for displaced people from wartorn countries (La Cote d’lvoire and Liberia) in our Sub-region. Some of these refugees have moved to live within the Ghanaian communities.

The Region has 14 Administrative Districts and 88 Health Sub districts. All the District capitals have pipe borne water and electricity connected to the national grid. The population for the region is about 2,214,660.