Supplies, Stores and Drugs Management Division (SSDM)

The mandate of the Division is to develop comprehensive policies and plans to enhance the efficient and effective procurement and supply of goods and services for GHS.

The functions of the Division include:

  • Implementing the annual procurement plans with relevant stakeholders in accordance with the provisions of the Ghana Public Procurement Act (PPA), 663, 2003 as Amended
  • Providing direction and strategic advice to the corporate arm of GHS in all matters related to procurement and supply chain management.
  • Coordinating capacity building in supply chain management at the various levels of the health system.
  • Ensuring commodity security to support Health Service Delivery

The Division is headed by a Director and there are two Departments under it. Each of the Department is headed by a Deputy Director who reports directly to the Divisional Director.

  • Procurement Department
  • Logistic, Clearing & Warehousing Department
  • Profile- Director SSDM